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In a time marked by uncertainty and difficulty, music may offer a place of harmony and reconciliation with the sublime. Therefore, this year, take advantage of your orchestra’s proposals and turn music into an instrument for the achievement of your own happiness. As Fernando Sabino says, from the fall you may invent a dance step, from the fear you may build a ladder, from the dream a bridge, and from the search a finding.
On the tone of this note of hope, the Orquestra Clássica do Sul wishes you a Happy New Year.


Tradition says that one should wish happiness and prosperity at the beginning of each New Year. In the pleasant fulfilment of this same precept, the Orquestra Classical do Sul hopes that 2018 will be a Good Year for all of us.

In accordance with the principles of its mission, the OCS reaffirms, as its main goal for this new year, the promotion and dissemination of classical music in the regions of Algarve and Alentejo. Created within the spirit of public service, the Orquestra Classical do Sul constitutes a cultural project of high artistic level, recognized and supported as such by the Ministry of Culture and by regional institutions.

The intense musical activity of the OCS contributes to the cultural promotion of the visiting/resident population in the regions of the Algarve and the Alentejo and, consequently, it also contributes both to the strengthening of the regional identity awareness and to the international projection of these regions, as tourist destinations with a high standard of quality in their cultural offer.

Maintaining a line of multifaceted and innovative programming, this musical season of the OCS aims at the dissemination of artistic values linked to music and the other arts (e.g., dance, theatre) through the implementation of a series of partnerships with other institutions and other forms of artistic expression, for example, jazz, the Cante Alentejano and fado.

The musical activity of OCS in 2018 will also include events intended to raise the awareness of young people for the enjoyment of classical music, as well as to provide opportunities for the vocational training of young musicians.

On this season’s musical programme the audience will certainly find reasons to continue to support this orchestra: either by the increased attention given to the dissemination of music written by Portuguese composers, and by the presence of the orchestra in another edition of the FIMA- International Music Festival of the Algarve, which artistic direction was again delivered to its Titular Conductor, Rui Pinheiro, or by the increasing participation of the OCS in various national cultural events intended for the promotion of classical music.

The continued presence of the OCS in concerts held in the auditoriums of its territory - Algarve and Alentejo - constitutes an added value for all who appreciate Music as a universal language and as an opportunity for aesthetic fruition. Especially for this reason, I urge you not to miss the chance to attend the concerts of your orchestra.

Maria Cabral
President of the Board


11/12 Tuesday
Grande Auditório de Gambelas
9h30 PM

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14/12 Friday
9h00 PM

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