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Announcement for the following vacancy of VIOLIN– TUTTI:

For the position of rank and file VIOLIN ( VIOLIN – TUTTI),  the Orquestra of the Associação Musical do Algarve (Orquestra do Algarve), reserves itself the right not to employ any of the candidates present in the audition, regardless of their classification. If one of the candidates wins the audition, and if it is the expressed will of the jury, they will be proposed a contract for the duration of one year or one season starting in november 2024. After this trial period a reevaluation by the jury will decide a further renewal.



-  Gross monthly salary of 1.405,45€ (Includes basic salary + instrument maintenance, garment and recording allowance + food allowance).  

-  Support fund: 200,00€.

-  Accommodation facilities in the first month.



Audition’s location & dates: Faro (Portugal), 16th october, 2024, 10.00am

Closing date for application:  07th october 2024

Closing date for confirmation of attendance at the audition:  11th October 2024

The Applications must be submitted  by e-mail only  with  full Curriculum Vitae  to the following address (No phone calls accepted): E-mail: .



The auditions will take place in the Rehearsal Room of the Orquestra of Associação Musical do Algarve located at Rua João Brito Vargas, Casa das Figuras, 8005-145 Faro, Algarve, Portugal on October 16th, 2024.



9.00 am – Candidates check-in

9.30 am – Drawing (to determine audition order)

10.00 am – Audition



The audition order will be sorted by a drawing. Only the candidates who have already checked- in at the time will take part in the sorting.

All the candidates must bring proper identification.

The candidates will not be allowed to change their place in the audition order.



The jury for the auditions will be composed by the Main Conductor, Concertmaster, all the of the string Chiefs session and a Chief of the winds or Percussion session.  The jury's decisions are irrevocable and based on artistic matters not covered by these regulations.



The audition will be composed of three eliminatory rounds along the day. After each round the candidates will know if they can proceed to the next one.

The 1st and 2nd round will be behind a curtain. During this round, the candidates must remain unidentified. The 3rd round will not have a curtain unless the jury decides to keep it.

The repertoire for each round is in attachment.

Download here orchestral excerpts. Other scores besides the excerpts will not be available.



All the candidates will have access to a common warm-up space. Before the candidate’s turn in each round there will be a private dressing room available for tuning and rehearsing.



The Orchestra will provide a piano accompanist only for the auditions.



The expenses inherent to the application for the audition processes will be borne by each candidate in their entirety. The Orquestra doesn’t hold any responsibility in this matter, especially in the event of cancellation or postponement due to force majeure.



  1. All personal data (full name, address, telephone contacts and email addresses, civil identification, signature, rubric, date of birth, gender, affiliation, academic and professional qualifications and professional experience) provided by the candidates (hereinafter referred to as the "data subject") will be processed exclusively for the purpose of managing the competition to fill the position of VIOLIN – TUTTI  by the Orquestra do Algarve data controller and with the express consent of the data subject.
  1. 2.       The AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve may be contacted, regarding any questions related to the processing of data carried out in this context, and for these purposes, to:
  2. 3.       The personal data of the data subjects shall be kept for the period necessary for management of the competition, except in cases where another period is required by applicable law. Some data (namely the name of the data subject, date of application, and personal data potentially included in the pre-auditions and auditions), will be kept indefinitely by the AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve, in the context of its activity managing cultural, intellectual and artistic assets.
  3. 4.       The data subjects may, at any time, withdraw their consent for the processing of their personal data, in accordance with the applicable legislation, without prejudice to the validity of the treatment made based on the consent previously given. The withdrawal of the consent implies that the AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve cannot treat your personal data for the purposes consented to, and as such, may result in the impossibility of the data subject to continue as a candidate, within the scope of this contest.
  4. 5.       As the personal data of the candidates are necessary for the management of the competition, if the data subjects do not consent to the processing of their personal data, it will not be possible to manage their application.
  5. 6.       The AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve guarantees the data subjects the exercise of their rights in relation to their data, such as the right of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation of treatment and portability, according to the applicable legislation.
  6. 7.       The AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve implements all security measures necessary and adequate for the protection of the personal data of the data subject, either when the data is processed directly by the AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve or when the data are processed by entities subcontracted by them.
  7. 8.       The AMA-Associação Musical do Algarve may treat personal data collected in this context directly and / or through subcontractors for this purpose, and appropriate contracts shall be concluded with such subcontracting entities, in accordance with the terms and the context of applicable legislation.
  8. 9.       In the scope and for the purposes of the attribution and management of the competition, the AMA – Associação Musical do Algarve may communicate the data of the candidates to partner entities for publications and institutional communications. These entities may be located within the territory of the European Union or outside, and in the latter case, appropriate mechanisms will always be in place, under the applicable legislation, to safeguard the security of the personal data processed.
  1. Candidates may file a complaint to the Portuguese National Data Protection Commission ("CNPD") if they believe that there is a breach of data protection by the AMA – Algarve Music Association.
  2. Considering the most advanced techniques, the costs of application and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the treatment, as well as the varying risks of probability and severity for the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the AMA shall apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security for the risk.

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